Japanese Knotweed and Invasive Weed Solutions

Herpetosure Invasive Solutions Ltd – A Herpetosure Group Company

Herpetosure Invasive Solutions Ltd are part of the Herpetosure Group – a leading provider of integrated ecological and invasive weed solutions. Our expertise is in developing and implementing guaranteed fast and cost effective programmes for the eradication of Japanese knotweed and other invasive weeds.

The successful eradication of Japanese knotweed and invasive weeds relies solely on involving the right specialist contractor, and should start with understanding the problem you and your business are up against. The Herpetosure team is made up of some of the UK’s leading invasive weed specialists, who bring years of experience in the delivery of land parcels that are invasive weed free. Whatever the time scale, weed species and site location, Herpetosure can devise and deliver an eradication programme that meets all requirements, guaranteed!
George Westropp, Managing Director

Japanese Knotweed eradication and control

Japanese Knotweed

At H.I.S we can ensure that the most common invasive species of weed to be found in the UK, especially Japanese Knotweed can be eradicated using a range of techniques.. Our experienced team can develop and deliver ‘in situ’ treatment programmes for Japanese knotweed, in addition to being able to devise and implement plans for the instant removal of all invasive weed species. Our innovative techniques in knotweed eradication manage to balance the timescales on the project with the all-important cost factor. This is exemplified through our ability to control the volume of material that needs to be removed from the site – our techniques in Japanese knotweed soil screening will isolate any contaminated material, keeping the amount of material that leaves the site to a minimum, or use cell burial treatment methods, which can help to significantly reduce the overall costs involved with the eradication of Japanese knotweed.

Giant Hogweed and Knotweed Removal

Giant Hogweed – We devise our strategies to effectively control and manage this poisonous species that is able to cause blistering, serious burns and, in some cases, may even lead to blindness.

Giant Hogweed Eradication and control

Giant hogweed is on the Environment Agency’s top ten list of invasive species marked for containment and removal. The sap produced by the plant contains a toxic chemical which can be damaging to the skin. Giant hogweed can also pose a threat to other plants as well, so it should really be tackled and removed before any long-term damage can be caused as a result. Due to its potentially devastating effects on buildings and the environment, it is advisable to tackle giant knotweed with a solution that has proved to be effective. Here at H.I.S., we are experts in the removal of giant knotweed and can offer clients a tailored programme to tackle this issue.

Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam – Our team can successfully prevent this plant from spreading, where it has the potential to overwhelm rivers, plus other rural and urban areas.

Himalayan Balsam control

Himalayan balsam is a large plant consisting of a long green stem as well as small, pink, hooded flowers. Due to the plant’s aggressive growth, this can often result in it taking over native plants. For this reason, people are always looking at the various ways it can be eradicated. With an effective method, such as those utilised by H.I.S., the fast growth of Himalayan balsam can be stopped, while your native plants can be kept safe.

Ragwort control

Ragwort removal

Ragwort: We have experience in clearing as well as controlling this native British species that has been known to cause liver failure in animals, especially livestock.

Why is the Common Ragwort a problem? What is the law? How to identify Common Ragwort? Read on…

Aquatic invasive weed solutions

Aquatic Invasives

Aquatic Invasive Weed – We have a varied range of methods at our disposal that are geared towards attacking the many plant species that escape into the wild, including those that have the ability to cause widespread watercourse damage, while choking natural aquatic habitats.


More about the herpetosure group – the uk’s leading newt fencing and ecological contractor group

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Herpetosure Ltd is one of the leading national providers of ecological solutions in the UK. Based around the Herpetosure® ecological fencing range, the Group has now installed over 500,000 metres of newt fencing, snake fencing, reptile fencing, and water vole fencing since 2005. The Herpetosure organisation is geared to providing the complete ecological contracting solution, therefore in addition to its newt fencing and other ecological fencing services, it also caters for all habitat creation requirements including; badger sett construction, otter holt construction, unheated and heated bat boxes, pond creation, wetland creation, woodland planting and a complete range of additional ecological fencing types; otter fencing, badger fencing and deer fencing.

The services listed above combined with Herpetosure Invasive Solutions make the Herpetosure Group the most capable and experienced ecological contractor and invasive weed contractor in the UK.

Visit Herpetosure’s ecological contracting website to learn more about our operations www.herpetosure.com.