£10 Billion Invasives Problem

Invasive, non-native plants, animals and microorganisms cause at least £10 billion of damage in Europe each year, according to a report by leading experts on invasive species at the Neobiota Conference being held in Copenhagen today (17 September 2010).

Herpetosure Invasive Solutions (HIS) estimates that the UK alone faces a bill of £1.56 billion to tackle Japanese Knotweed.

Having heard the BBC report from Copenhagen this morning, HIS managing director George Westropp says ‘We join with these experts meeting in Denmark to urge the UK Government – and local authorities – to take problems caused by JKW seriously. We see Japanese Knotweed growing untreated in hundreds of sites on land owned by local Government and very little is being done about it.”

“A good example where JKW is taken seriously with a dedicated team is Cardiff Council. South Wales is one of the worst infested areas in the UK yet this Council is taking the best steps to combat it.”