JKW Encapsulation

The further increases in Landfill Tax mean that the ‘Dig & Dump’ solution to clearing land of Japanese Knotweed is now so prohibitively expensive that most developers are now striving to find on-site solutions.

Encapsulation of Japanese Knotweed (JKW) on the site in geo-textile membrane is, therefore, now the treatment of choice for many Herpetosure clients.

This involves excavating the JKW contaminated area and stockpiling the material. A 1mm Root Barrier Membrane is fabricated in the cell created by the excavation. The contaminated soil is then placed into the membrane-lined area and the whole is then sealed by heat welding and clean material placed over the cell. This process always takes place where the land will not be disturbed in future – eg an area of public open-space or under a car park.

The process is many times cheaper than ‘Dig & Dump’ and provides a quick solution to your JKW problem.